Olivier Bos

Professor of Economics
ENS Paris-Saclay

Member of Market Design Group
ZEW, Mannheim

Research Fellow
CESifo, Munich

What's new?

A working paper (updated September 2021), Auctions with Signaling Bidders: Optimal Design and Information Disclosure, with Martin Pollrich.

An article, Entry in First-price Auctions with Signaling with Tom Truyts, accepted in the International Journal of Game Theory.

The workshop Signaling in Social Interactions and takes place on June 8-9, 2022.

The 2nd KIT-Paris-ZEW Workshop on Market Design takes place at Panthéon-Assas University on June 27-28, 2022.

ANR Grant (French National Agency for Research) Signaling in Auctions and Mechanisms: Theory and Experimental Evidence, from February 2020, 70 months.