Academic Events

favicon Virtual MD Seminar Series

The Virtual Market Design Seminar Series is an online and inter-institutional seminar. Although inspired by seminars cancelled due to the COVID-19, we intend to continue post-pandemic. This is a joint event from the Panthéon-Assas University, KIT, University of Bonn, University of Cologne and ZEW since April 2019, that I am happy to co-organize. Talks take place bi-weekly on Monday at CET (Paris time).
The past recording seminars (since October 2021) are available on our Youtube account. Keep yourself up to date about the upcoming talks by following us on Twitter.

favicon European Workshop on Market Design

The European Workshop on Market Design (EWMD) is a yearly workshop, which takes place over two days. The 3rd workshop takes place in Mannheim on June 5-6, 2023. More information are available on the EWMD's hompepage.

Workshops on Signaling

This is a bi-yearly workshop I co-organize with Christina Pawlowitsch, at Panthéon-Assas University. The aim of these workshops is to bring together researchers from various disciplines (economics, mathematics, computer science, sociology, biology, linguistics) who explore signaling phenomena by the use of formal, game-theoretic models.
The 1st workshop, Signaling in Markets, Auctions and Games, took place on May 22-23, 2019. The 2nd, Signaling in Social Interactions, postponed due to the pandemic situation, held on 8-9 June 2022.

Economics PhD Meeting, Paris-Saclay University

This yearly doctoral meeting is intended for PhD candidates in economics at Paris-Saclay University, organized all together by the CEPS (ENS Paris-Saclay & Univ. of Evry-Val d'Essonne) and the RITM. The 2nd edition holds at ENS Paris-Saclay on Thursday, June 8, 2023. Additional information are available on the dedicated hompepage.