Olivier Bos

Professor of Economics
ENS Paris-Saclay

Centre for Economics at Paris-Saclay

Research Fellow
CESifo, Munich

What's new?

The program of Virtual Market Design Seminar Series for the upcoming fall. The Virtual MD Seminar is an inter-institutional initiative, featuring bi-weekly online seminars.

The IV European Workshop on Market Design will be held at Paris on June 3-4, 2024.

A policy paper (30 November 2023, in French) on the Loss and Damage Fund, scheduled for COP28: «Pertes et préjudices» : perspectives et opportunités d'une transition énergétique, published in AOC.

A working paper (updated September 2022), Auctions with Signaling Bidders: Optimal Design and Information Disclosure, with Martin Pollrich.

A working paper (updated August 2022), Existence of Equilibrium in All-Pay Auctions with Price Externalities.

ANR Grant (French National Agency for Research) Signaling in Auctions and Mechanisms: Theory and Experimental Evidence, from February 2020, 70 months.